Saturday, July 26, 2014

DAHLIAS, doll....!

What's not to love about dahlias? They are so varied, colorful and intricate. I love big bunches throughout the house...they are such a happy flower and brighten up any space in a second.

When my boys got married a few weeks ago we headed over to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park to snap a few pics. The Conservatory of Flowers always makes a classic background and while shooting away my friend Tony noticed the Dahlia (Dell) Garden off to the side. I had ZERO idea it was there.....and it is amazing.

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog1_zps63d1cce0.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog16_zps5f1993d3.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog2_zps70581f0d.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog4_zpsd8ea028e.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog5_zpsf2bd358f.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog7_zps6ae45755.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog8_zpsf7f52a8c.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog15_zpsb89444de.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog3_zpsf3e54916.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog10_zps29cb985d.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog6_zps55e9c1b0.jpg

It was overcast and grey at this time and these beauties popped with all their color.

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog27_zpsf0363ae0.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog11_zpsa6a797b3.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog21_zpsfb86a4d5.jpg
 thank you to whoever named this cultivar the Boogie Woogie.

  photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog12_zps469a10b8.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog9_zps059fc43f.jpg
I think this was my fav...huge, pink and like a sea!!

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog13_zps7f862de9.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog18_zps041ca2d4.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog19_zps217d6c3a.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog20_zpsf5433c22.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog23_zps40c6a367.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog24_zpsab7d580c.jpg
goth Dahlia

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog22_zpsfb426794.jpg

 photo janelholidayinteriordesignDahliablog25_zps0fa991ae.jpg

I have admired this large scale Dahlia wallpaper from Designer's Guild for some time and think it would make for such a fun, girly Entry....I paired it with a few other pieces that I have had my eye on for some time:

 photo Dahlia_Inspiration_JHID_zpsc0052417.jpg
wallpaper: oversized dahlia wallpaper
credenza: studded console by Tommi Parzinger...not the first time this hot number has showed up on the JHID blog....!
pair of lamps: I just realized they may have discontinued this color (gasp!!), but they still have this style over at Ro Sham Beaux.
mirror: Portico mirror from....wait for it....Z GALLERIE! I know...cute, right?! I have installed it a few times now and it is a fantastic mirror. And you can't beat the $300 price tag!
chandelier: brass and glass 9-night chandelier by Hans-Agne Jakobsson from the 60's.

all images by janel holiday interior design....please ask for permission before using - grazie!