Friday, July 3, 2015

....the PINEAPPLE express.....!!

Have you noticed how pineapples are popping up everywhere in the design world? From jewelry, to wallpaper to shoes, to cell phone covers - I mean, everywhere. But really this fun, spiky fruit has quite the long social history and has been a status symbol of wealth and hospitality and an artistic motif for centuries.

The pineapple was - and still is - a symbol of welcoming. In the United States this is especially true in the South and traces of this can be found in pediments/transoms over front doors and on front gate finials.

I rounded up a few pineapple designs that I especially love:

 photo Pineapple_Express_Blog_zps61r90ns4.jpg
1. pineapple shirt by Scotch and Soda - hipster pineapple
2. SHAG Exotica font by House Industries
3. hand screen printed wallpaper by Hygge and West. Obsessed.
4. gold pineapple necklace by Lee Renee
5. pineapple Vans for teeny feet - whats up with no adult sizing?!
6. cute + tropical key fob by Tory Burch
7. brass pineapple door knocker
8. pineapple wood + fabric fan
9. pineapple printed iPhone 6 case by Skinny Dip
10. cross-body pineapple purse by Kate Spade
11. these heels by Aquazzura that are just insane enough that I would wear them. In a heartbeat.
12. vintage pineapple mix sticks - search that on Etsy and get your Paypal finger ready.
13. outdoor pineapple towel holder