Friday, July 3, 2015

....the PINEAPPLE express.....!!

Have you noticed how pineapples are popping up everywhere in the design world? From jewelry, to wallpaper to shoes, to cell phone covers - I mean, everywhere. But really this fun, spiky fruit has quite the long social history and has been a status symbol of wealth and hospitality and an artistic motif for centuries.

The pineapple was - and still is - a symbol of welcoming. In the United States this is especially true in the South and traces of this can be found in pediments/transoms over front doors and on front gate finials.

I rounded up a few pineapple designs that I especially love:

 photo Pineapple_Express_Blog_zps61r90ns4.jpg
1. pineapple shirt by Scotch and Soda - hipster pineapple
2. SHAG Exotica font by House Industries
3. hand screen printed wallpaper by Hygge and West. Obsessed.
4. gold pineapple necklace by Lee Renee
5. pineapple Vans for teeny feet - whats up with no adult sizing?!
6. cute + tropical key fob by Tory Burch
7. brass pineapple door knocker
8. pineapple wood + fabric fan
9. pineapple printed iPhone 6 case by Skinny Dip
10. cross-body pineapple purse by Kate Spade
11. these heels by Aquazzura that are just insane enough that I would wear them. In a heartbeat.
12. vintage pineapple mix sticks - search that on Etsy and get your Paypal finger ready.
13. outdoor pineapple towel holder

Sunday, June 14, 2015

a saturday CRUISE to SONOMA....!

this past weekend I got to combine a few of my favorite things......time spent with rad girlfriends, wine tasting and a 1964 Chevy Impala....oh, and that Impala? It's red - original paint. My girlfriend Nicole and I - along with her adorable daughter - ditched Karl for the day and headed North to wine country for a leisurely visit to Ram's Gate Winery. I had never been to Ram's Gate (weird) and was really excited for a new adventure....and to be a passenger in one of my favorite classic cars of all time was the cherry on top!

 photo IMG_6516_zpsx9nxaizq.jpg

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_A_zps8mbqzfls.jpg

 photo IMG_6375_zps9xbzyq9p.jpg

 photo IMG_6379_zpswynzs7t3.jpg

 photo IMG_6556_zps5ojdacdm.jpg
rolling in

 photo IMG_6443_zpsyen4xafs.jpg
Sonoma hills in the background

 photo IMG_6409_zpslii0gjjj.jpg

 photo IMG_6524_zpsdt9idwsg.jpg
 photo IMG_6438_zpstdyzlxdy.jpg

 photo IMG_6435_zpsyfoi6viu.jpg
entrance to the tasting rooms and winery 

 photo IMG_6447_zpslcw8ful4.jpg

 photo IMG_6495_zpstexpse6z.jpg
the grounds and winery are stunning - so many charming places to sit, unwind and sip...!

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_F_zpskz6abxvp.jpg

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_E_zpsgxnidvfv.jpg

 photo IMG_6508_zpscl6o10rm.jpg

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_D_zpsblzb6zt9.jpg

 photo IMG_6510_zpsm11q67y3.jpg

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_B_zpsj3nlihha.jpg
the back of the winery opens to a serviced terrace, more quaint seating and a small, serene pond in the distance - move. me. in.

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_C_zpsy4f8zryq.jpg

 photo IMG_6458_zpszxkh6zah.jpg

 photo IMG_6454_zpsydf1gbau.jpg

 photo IMG_6478_zpswvo65fln.jpg

 photo IMG_6480_zpsae6ck70d.jpg

 photo IMG_6483_zps1iov8u9h.jpg

 photo IMG_6486_zpsa0sj2oie.jpg

 photo IMG_6573_zpsogl2lvpc.jpg

It was such a fun and relaxing day and Ram's Gate is definitely a must stop in Sonoma.

All images by Janel Holiday Interior Design - please ask permission prior to use.....thank you! xx

Friday, May 29, 2015

what the what, Z Gallerie?!

Something really weird happened today. I got a few catalogs in the mail - including this POS - and as I was standing next to the recycle bin tossing away junk a little glimmer on the cover of Z Gallerie's catalog caught by eye. And I double checked the title....yes, Z Gallerie....huh, gotta check that out. Upon further investigation I discovered I genuinely liked dozens (yes, dozens) of items in the catalog....which then led me to do a full visual scope on their website. Guys. They have some cute shit.

 photo Z_Gallerie_zpseqow24jh.jpg and white hatched Alexa canisters
2. brass plated metal Helios chandy - and at 30" in diameter, a great size!
3. graphic Emilia canisters
4. Hayden console table
5. gold electroplated resin deer head
6. gold plated resin coffee table - they have a console too which is amazing!
7. Rey mirror
8. lacquered Ming boxes - tons of other colors too!
9. sculptural Scoppio Spheres on stands
10. espresso finished Addison dresser
11. Empress bowls - I would fill these with succulents since they aren't food safe
12.Hayden end table

and don't worry. there is still some heinous stuff as well.

 photo orlando-owl-181783438_zpssinlpqbs.jpg

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BEFORE and AFTER shots from a SF video game company's completed project....!

I always appreciate a BEFORE and AFTER series showing the design transformation of a space. So I thought I would share just that from my latest completed project. I worked on a SF based video game developing company over the course of 5 months and the end result was something both the clients and I were super happy with.

The initial concept was to divide the large open space into specific work areas while creating spaces that felt natural, residential, interesting and timeless. While we did use some graphic wall treatments and textures we didn't want the space to feel gimmicky and for the impact of the time and money spent on the design to lend itself for the years to follow. Incorporating natural textures (like the reclaimed redwood you will see) and plants were crucial for the clients and helped to take some of the sterilized feeling of an indoor workspace away. By adding layers of light throughout the office, the employees could switch on all the decorative lighting during the day without having the overhead florescent lights on - which as most of us know, can make you feel like a zombie after spending hours in the green glow.

The front area started off with all white walls......

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area BEFORE 1_zpsmi30hxre.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area BEFORE 4_zpsdsjmx3bu.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area BEFORE 2_zpsdffyy24t.jpg

and a really open floor plan:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area BEFORE 5_zpssmy2yvmb.jpg

After developing floor plans we created three separate areas that all function for specific tasks within the company:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Living Area AFTER 1_zpskyhivavz.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area AFTER 2_zpsgcsqbbua.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area AFTER 4_zpsayqcmxa5.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area AFTER 5_zps58ypll4h.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area AFTER 6_zpsa4xqs0wy.jpg


 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area BEFORE 3_zpsje4smbtk.jpg

and AFTER:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Front Area AFTER 3_zpslxmujapj.jpg

The meeting room was the perfect place to make into a music/recording room - complete with these amazing acoustic tiles from BAUX and FLOR tiles to further absorb sound....BEFORE:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Meeting Room BEFORE 1_zpsfk8scuhr.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Meeting Room BEFORE 2_zpsp5wdh4i4.jpg

and AFTER:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Meeting Room AFTER1_zpsfgvah4rn.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Meeting Room AFTER2_zps3ob3momx.jpg


 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design FRONT LIVING BEFORE B_zps9waczaf7.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design FRONT LIVING BEFORE A_zpszl0f7dcp.jpg

and AFTER:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design FRONT LIVING1 AFTER_zpspholgaqd.jpg

The bathrooms needed a major kick in the pants. Without spending a ton of money we landed on this fun David Hicks wallpaper - a different color in each bathroom - and a modern/rustic storage cabinet to take them from drab and sad to super fun (if you ask me):

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design BATHROOM BEFORE_zpskn3tqmn2.jpg
super scary

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design BATHROOMS AFTER_zpssqvegf3t.jpg
super fun

The work/desk area created a challenge with it's huge backdrops of white walls....these seemed like the perfect place to wrap in reclaimed redwood and instantly added a ton of warmth and coziness to the space. We used FLOR tiles again (for color and texture) and brought in 14' tall, faux ironwood trees to add drama and ground the back part of the's a BEFORE:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Work Area BEFORE_zpsgzfogjoe.jpg

and AFTER:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Work Area AFTER_zpsxv9wcc6b.jpg

In the same work space was a pony wall dividing the kitchen. To create more storage space we added a few case pieces and repeated the wallpaper found at the front of the space. BEFORE:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Kitchen Wall BEFORE_zpss7tinbam.jpg

and AFTER:

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Kitchen Wall AFTER_zpsgyffsuwj.jpg

This was a really fun project. The clients were amazing and were totally game to incorporate some new and fun elements into their space. More like these, please!

all BEFORE images by Janel Holiday Interior Design....all AFTER images by Michele Lee Willson Photography. Be cool and ask for permission before using, k? Thanks.