Saturday, October 30, 2010

the San Francisco Fall Antique Show 2010 = fabulous & fun!

Every year in October, The San Francisco Fall Antique Show marks the first real party of the season in the Interior Design world.  Held in the Design Pavilion at Fort Mason located on the SF Bay, it gives the event a true San Francisco setting. 

This year the theme was, Chinoiserie: Rococo to Eco, and they pulled out all the stops.

My fellow co-worker/interior designer/friend/one crafty lady, Becky and I ventured to the opening party in anticipation of fabulous antiques, seeing old vendors, meeting new vendors, champagne and of course…..the dessert table.

i wasn't kidding.

What a fantastic evening!  Everybody was dressed to the nines.  Not a pair of blue jeans in site! Chic cocktail dresses and jewels abounded with men in sharp suits and fantastic neck wear – including many a bow tie….interesting…and it worked!

It was a such a treat to meet Liz O’Brien who always has such a well edited and drool-worthy collection of 20th century pieces including Samuel Marx, Karl Springer and Billy Haines.  She always has something that I have never seen before.  I had to ask her how she even manages to part with the pieces she comes across – her simple answer?  “Its hard”.  Take for example this curved wall-mounted crackle lacquer and glass bookcase by Samuel Marx in 1943.  It gave me chills.  I know that is somewhat dramatic, but it did.

Here is it's fabulousness in the original setting - a residence in Chicago, IL....yes, please....

Here are a few of my favorites from the show: most favorite vendor in Los will fall in love with everything there.  promise. I loved their corrugated metal booth with its creamy white lacquer finish.  I'm a sucker for corrugated metal.

the dashing David Serrano with his amazing orange-stiched tie.  

okay.  lets discuss.  This pair of mahogany and brass Arturo Pani etageres are the chicest etageres ever.  I adore the bottom detail.  circa 1940s.

their booth looked perfect.  Those chandeliers?  They make them.  Read more about Downtown here.

this noah's ark with animals from Robert Young Antiques was captivating.

here's a similar one that sold so you can get a true 3-dimensional sense of all the pairs of animals.  bet you didn't think you would want a German wooden noah's ark set with animals from 1875 before you read this, did you?!

the Ames Gallery (based out of Berkeley) had these architectural drawings by A.G. Rizzoli that Becky and I went nuts for. The Art Deco period showcased here along with the softness of colors were dreamy.

Elliot Erwitt photograph with a Janel Holiday favorite...the chihuahua!

Arader Galleries out of New York 

a collection of walking sticks at Il Degno Del Tempo.

this unsigned console from the 1970s was great.  Various metal patchworked peices. Il Degno Del Tempo

german shepherd and pug glass and silver decanters at Kentshire.

Anglo-Indian ivory-veneered side chair, circa 1775.  This pair of chairs are coincidently the same price as a mid-century home in Denver, CO. Hmmm.

beautiful detail. Kentshire.

a fabulous tone-on-tone setting from Habite.

loved these sconces at Habite.

Erin in her vintage dress enjoying vintage books at Hayden and Fandetta.

i adored these paintings of birds painted on cigar boxes by Ed Musante that Paul Thiebaud Gallery had.

one of my absolute favorite things were these vintage wool bathing suits from the 1930s that American Garage Antiques had.  I would put these in a Pool House or a girl's bedroom who loves swimming....swoon!!

Wouldn't these mirrors be great in a Playroom Bathroom or Game Room?!

Beauvais Carpet had this stunning rug by French designer Emile Gaudissart.  It floors me how modern and graphic this piece was being that it was made in 1925.  LOVE.

dog door stoppers at Daniel Stein Antiques.

Italian baroque giltwood fauteuils, early 18th century at Therien & Company.

until next year.....!

Soundtrack: a swingy jazz combo, The Dave Brubeck Quartet....of course!

Friday, October 22, 2010


i have been pumped about tonight....since monday morning.  not kidding.  i get to do whatever i want since my husband has his own agenda - hint: a vintage car thing.  key letters = bmw.

its a rainy, chilly, san francisco evening and i'm going to stay in:

1. i am super into syrahs right now....when i was in SB last time I went to Kunin Wines and I had their 2006 100% Alisos grapes Syrah and it was divine...I highly recommend a pit stop at their tasting room next time you are in the area! 2. nothing brings it home like my little snuggly piggy 4 1/2 pound chihuahua...."Lu Lu".....a beloved pet really is the best de-stresser...even more so than #1 on my list tonight.  Adopt a pup and change your life! 3.  Caught up on my DVR'ed PR....oh, Project fickle b**ch. I thought i would have to break up with Season 8, but then Mondo Guerra happened.....sigh.  I want to wear and own every single piece he has made for PR8...even if i would look like a Willy Wonka Candy Bar in his floor length polka dot "evening gown"...i don't care.  Give it to me.  His amazing strength and powerful message he sent mid-season is inspiring and I hope he wins. Go, DCD!! 4. Got cozy with a vintage Pendleton blanket and you can too! 5. I'm going to continue reading David Eggers's book, "Zeitoun" when I hit the hay tonight....just check out the review for the deets..........6.  I love a good slipper or cozy sock when i lounge around the casa....these days these cheapie Paul Franks are my new besties that i scoot around in! 7.....tuberose = heaven on earth....diptyque "tubereuse" candles are heaven times 1,000....YUM YUM YUM!!

Soundtrack for this evening:

Abel Korzeniowski's score for "A Single Man" is insane.

and if I can stay awake long enough to hear my man moonlight on KCSB's Face the Music:

Monday, October 18, 2010

at ART wall....!

I love the Art Wall, or Gallery Wall as it is also referred to in a home.  Not saying that EVERY home needs to have one, but long have I wanted to have one in my own home.  Up until recently I just thought about it…not knowing if I had enough art to really make it as mixed media as I wished.  I like the idea of mixing three-dimensional and two-dimensional pieces, vintage and new and a mixture of mediums; collage, print, photography, paint, you get the picture.  My husband and I decided to finally try to make our sad little guest bedroom more of an inviting space.  We had two prints by Jay Ryan that were completely awkward on this wall….see before photo.  Frankly, I am embarrassed to even put this photo up because how I ever thought they looked “okay” floating on that wall is beyond me….I think I always knew they looked funky, but was too impaired in my own home to do anything about it…that happens with us designers sometimes….anyhow, the idea to turn this wall into an Art Wall really appealed to me for a few reasons:

  1. I am the WORST at hanging multiple pieces of artwork at the same height and distance apart…no matter how much painters tape and times I measure, I am guaranteed to have one piece higher than the other, etc…it drives me nuts.  I love that you don’t have to be so precise with an Art Wall.
  2. I really like the idea of engaging someone to look at the Art Wall and start picking apart the pieces individually…putting one artist next to another and having their stories and inspiration intertwine….a graffiti artist next to a fine painter next to my husband’s mother’s day card he made for her when he was six.  Stuff like that. 
  3. In our case it really helped make the Guest Bedroom a lot more personal because so many of the piece we put up were done my friends and people that are likely to stay in that room at some point or another. 
  4. It is ever-evolving.  You can add and subtract however you see fit.

sad before...

...better after!

From Upper Left:
Egon Schiele print, Vintage Puppy Eating Shoe Painting by unknown, my husband’s Kindergarten school photo, “Remember Falling in Love at Manitoba's” by myself, painted peacock on a found piece of driftwood by Sheryl Schroeder, Espo print, “Mockba, Carobou” by Russian painter, Sadovoi, parakeets by John Gould, four crosses by Sheryl Schroeder, ceramic parakeet piece from my grandmother, small oil painting by Tim Biskup, photography assemblage piece by Kara Wood and “Philadelphia Grocery Carts” by my step-father, John Avila.

the Jay Ryans are MUCH happier here.

here are a few other walls to inspire:

these two below were shot by Todd Selby for "The Selby is in Your Place" and features the artist Meryl Smith's space....which is out of control amazing.  See the whole shoot here.  And let me know what you think of her Halloween costume for 2007.

Soundtrack for this artsy-ness is one of my favorite artists I like to listen to when I am gettin' crafty:

bjork, of course.