Wednesday, June 16, 2010

at home in the HOLLYWOOD hills

I’m super distracted this week with the NBA Finals, so rather than blog about all things purple and gold (go, Lakers!), I am taking the easy route out and posting a few photos an old client just sent me of his house I worked on about 4 years ago.

This was my first residential project I worked on my own and I really lucked out with my client.  He is a single, successful guy with great taste and a killer art collection living in the Hollywood Hills – with a….wait for it…..mid-century home – yay!  My fav!  He loves color and it is very apparent with the before shots – it was ALL over the place.  We put the color into a lot of the finishes we used (Martini Apple Green Caesarstone?!) and toned the walls down some to show off his art collection, a lot which hails from colorful South America.

I took the cramped and dated Kitchen space and opened it completely up to the Living Room – its all about entertaining here:

before - front door to the left, hall down to guest bath and bedrooms


before - this window bailed

before - these windows stayed

before - too closed up

before - we got rid of the smaller window

before - blew out the wall to the right and added a window where the blue wall is and a glass rail

after - countertops: caesarstone, backplash: angela adams for annsacks

after - original windows (right) stayed

after - new front door at the entry


opened up and added a bar area to access from the Living Room

after - where the glass rail is there was a wall closing in this space


The whole upper level completely oversees the Hollywood Hill canyons….it’s a sick view.

The Guest Bathroom was kitschy, which is its own cute style, but we needed to bring it into the modern world.



before - very little light...





I love blue in bathrooms….so spa like….and working with mosaics is one of my favorite materials.

I don’t have any great shots of the “before” Master Bedroom, but lets just say he went from this:


To this:


The Master Bathroom was a crusty patio:




Which I turned into a Zen-like bathroom filled with bamboo tones, stacked stones and all the elements….water, stone, metal, plantings and wood:




after - custom cement sink: dewulf concrete



It was a super fun project that I didn’t do a perfect job on, but he is happy to this day with his space and says he loves coming home….that works for me.

I'll link up materials later, but if you have any specific questions, just leave a comment - thanks!  xo jh

Soundtrack: Let’s Build a Home by the White Stripes:

Friday, June 4, 2010

for the LOVE of LUCITE

Long have I been a huge fan of lucite.  I think my first experience was a clear pair of jelly-like “heels” in the 4th grade that I saved up like two months of allowance for.  Not a wise choice when playing tetherball on the playground.

What draws me to it?  I had to think awhile to come up with a simple answer and there my answer lies. lucite relies solely on form and function to make its point.  There are no fancy patterns, textures or colors…merely a shape that makes up its entire story and draws you in.  I love a piece of lucite furniture in a room that has a lot going on already in terms of finishes and textures.  I love lucite bases on beautiful pieces of mirror or burled wood, or lacquer tops – all the while making that surface that it is supporting float and seem all the more important.  When I worked for Lori Erenberg Design in Los Angeles, CA, she had the most glamorous Paul Evans desk with two waterfall lucite legs, a burled wood slab capped with a wheat and cream-colored travertine top…to die for.

 lori erenberg working on fabulous interiors

vintage lucite = heaven:

'crylicord' desk lamp by peter hamburger for kovacs, 1970s

'metric' dining table by charles hollis jones, 1960s

magazine rack by dorothy thorpe, 1960s

lucite tables attributed to kartell

lucite and brass chandelier, 1960s

lucite and brass vanity, 1960s

can i have this?!?  lucite and glass desk to dream for, 1970s

peacock lacquer and lucite console, 1970s

in honor of loosing another golden girl.....tear.......bamboo and lucite chairs (change the fabric), 1970s

lucite framed lacquer buffet, 1970s - those martinis would just fly off the top at a cocktail party!

lucite framed faux alligator desk, mid-century

lucite and lacquer desk, 1960s

milo baughman with burled wood top desk, 1960s

vladimir kagan slipper chairs with lucite bases, 1970s

samuel marx low table with lucite legs, 1945

waterfall dining table by charles hollis jones, 1960s

new lucite pieces:
brilliant console by alexandra von furstenburg

clearly classic tangier table from

crisp console from

george II chair by plexi-craft

helena rubenstein chair from the paris apartment

madeline coffee table by todd hase home

mercer bench by jan showers

parisian headboard by kendall wilkinson

square vanity by plexi-craft

swivel vanity stool by plexi-craft

custom stationary box by iomoi

lucite in spaces:

i wish this photo was better...lucite bases on the mirrored tables...

madonna in versace 2005

this is exactly how i seal my bills in my office before sending them out - madonna for versace

Thank you Charles Hollis Jones for catapulting this clear and fantastic material into the interior world.


 the theme song to wonder woman in honor of her invisible, lucite airplane, of course.