Monday, August 11, 2014


Sometimes you don't know what you're missing until it is right there in front of you....last weekend I was in the DCD for the second time in the past few months visiting friends and found myself once again drawn to the "porch party" sundowns and late nights. How amazing to have warm evenings filled with friends, champers, tunes and laughs on a porch....watching the neighborhood activity, huge Denver clouds roll and's kind of one of the best Summer activities if you ask me and I am missing those warm, fuzzy evenings....especially when we had a day yesterday where the sun didn't break through Karl and it was literally cold enough to turn on the heater. BUMMER.

So I fantasize about what my own Summer porch would look like....with people stopping by, funny conversations hanging in the warm air, notes floating across the horizon and maybe a game of bones or somethin' are a few porches I liked and what I would definitely have for my own "porch party"....!

 photo jonathanadlerfireisland_zps857be748.jpg

 photo janelholidayporchpartyD_zps86f63068.jpg

 photo JanelHolidayInteriorDesignPorchParty_zps4e13890b.jpg
1. vintage style globe string lights
2. one for you + one for me! rattan egg chairs are a must-have!
3. interlocked brass puzzle mirror
4. mid-century coolade set by Esque
5. iconic petal side table by Richard Schultz
6. vintage fiberglass sofa by Brian Kane
7. for mood alone - how cute is this little number?! ventless fireplace by EcoSmart.
8. green lacquer domino set
9. lots and lots of champers...this one is a fav!
10. so not *really* for outdoors....but I would have an outdoor version of this burl table!
11. nothing says "sit on me with a cocktail" like an Acapulco Chair...cheers!
12. swanky potted plants
13. outdoor rug by Dash and Albert

 photo janelholidayporchpartyC_zps0468eeb3.jpg

 photo janelholidayporchpartyB_zpsb32921dc.jpg

 photo janelholidayporchpartyA_zpsd0c01cb0.jpg

Hope you're having a fantastic Summer! xoxo, janel