Sunday, June 14, 2015

a saturday CRUISE to SONOMA....!

this past weekend I got to combine a few of my favorite things......time spent with rad girlfriends, wine tasting and a 1964 Chevy Impala....oh, and that Impala? It's red - original paint. My girlfriend Nicole and I - along with her adorable daughter - ditched Karl for the day and headed North to wine country for a leisurely visit to Ram's Gate Winery. I had never been to Ram's Gate (weird) and was really excited for a new adventure....and to be a passenger in one of my favorite classic cars of all time was the cherry on top!

 photo IMG_6516_zpsx9nxaizq.jpg

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_A_zps8mbqzfls.jpg

 photo IMG_6375_zps9xbzyq9p.jpg

 photo IMG_6379_zpswynzs7t3.jpg

 photo IMG_6556_zps5ojdacdm.jpg
rolling in

 photo IMG_6443_zpsyen4xafs.jpg
Sonoma hills in the background

 photo IMG_6409_zpslii0gjjj.jpg

 photo IMG_6524_zpsdt9idwsg.jpg
 photo IMG_6438_zpstdyzlxdy.jpg

 photo IMG_6435_zpsyfoi6viu.jpg
entrance to the tasting rooms and winery 

 photo IMG_6447_zpslcw8ful4.jpg

 photo IMG_6495_zpstexpse6z.jpg
the grounds and winery are stunning - so many charming places to sit, unwind and sip...!

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_F_zpskz6abxvp.jpg

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_E_zpsgxnidvfv.jpg

 photo IMG_6508_zpscl6o10rm.jpg

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_D_zpsblzb6zt9.jpg

 photo IMG_6510_zpsm11q67y3.jpg

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_B_zpsj3nlihha.jpg
the back of the winery opens to a serviced terrace, more quaint seating and a small, serene pond in the distance - move. me. in.

 photo JHID_RAMS_GATE_C_zpsy4f8zryq.jpg

 photo IMG_6458_zpszxkh6zah.jpg

 photo IMG_6454_zpsydf1gbau.jpg

 photo IMG_6478_zpswvo65fln.jpg

 photo IMG_6480_zpsae6ck70d.jpg

 photo IMG_6483_zps1iov8u9h.jpg

 photo IMG_6486_zpsa0sj2oie.jpg

 photo IMG_6573_zpsogl2lvpc.jpg

It was such a fun and relaxing day and Ram's Gate is definitely a must stop in Sonoma.

All images by Janel Holiday Interior Design - please ask permission prior to use.....thank you! xx