Thursday, December 31, 2015

a look back at 2015 in PHOTOS.....!

2015. This year has marked a lot about "practicing what I preach and preaching what you practice". I've been on a path for a few years of really trying to connect to something more - to find my significance in this crazy world. Trying to better understand how my actions affect those around me and those I may not even know on a personal and emotional level. It is hard shit. But then on a certain level it isn't hard at all. Being a nicer, calmer person is easier than being takes a lot less energy, don't you think? So as I look back on this year while I acknowledge the tough times I also reflect and remember the sweet moments. Knowing you take the good, you take bad, and there you have......The Facts of Life. Right, Tootie?

My thoughts on New Years Resolutions haven't changed - you can read about that here if you wish.....but I do resolve every day I wake up to try to connect better, do better, appreciate more, stress less about the small stuff and soak in the good stuff. I feel very fortunate to have a great family and so many wonderful friends. An amazing community in my yoga practice and talented, inspirational people in my design community. I wish you all a happy last day of 2015 and a healthy and inspiring 2016.

More SOUL FOOD.....less eye candy.

With that here are a few of my favorite moments from every week of 2015 captured through my Instagram....

1 photo 1_zps0tfba3mh.jpg
loving on Miette on her 3rd adoption anniversary and designing a super fun space

2 photo 2_zpsaa6yl3va.jpg
quick trip to Palm Springs to celebrate a friend's 50th and filling up the guest bath with pretty blooms for a girlfriend's weekend

3 photo 3_zpsyflzyoix.jpg
stepping onto a new project and watching the clouds roll in in the 'hood

4 photo 4_zps0mlmga75.jpg
remembering amazing artist Rex Ray and adult pinata-ing it for a good buddy's 40th

 photo 5_zpsko7bx2ok.jpg
remember and thinking about my Lu Lu and the opportunity to use these rad acoustic tiles on a project 

 photo 6_zpswg2tnn4a.jpg
cruising on Harlow and always looking up

7 photo 7_zpsb4i70mxt.jpg
installing a favorite project and visiting the birds at the zoo with my momma

8 photo 8_zpsrlmfefkq.jpg
mixing patterns and hanging at the Madonna Inn for a bestie's bachelorette 

9 photo 9_zpszfxy1n3k.jpg
acquiring pretty shoes and visiting a bff's new and fabulous house in Denver

10 photo 10_zpsxjabpvfa.jpg
same bestie's wedding with other besties and hanging at the BMW vintage car show

11 photo 11_zpsxjnlb9sp.jpg
installing these cuties and fun wallpaper and hanging in wine country in Santa Barbara for Mother's Day weekend with moms, friends and my oldest nephew

12 photo 12_zpszaw9ykek.jpg
soaking in the Central Coast and chanting and sweating with a hundred yogis with Rusty Wells

13 photo 13_zpsfbdkc679.jpg
riding around the Sugar Lamb with dozens of other Lammys and hanging with Kimmy in Sonoma en route to Snoop Dogg 

14 photo 14_zps0onp20ng.jpg
peony still life and chatting with my main OG on the east coast on his birthday

15 photo 15_zpsiutmzurc.jpg
cute install of a little lady's bedroom and getting my green thumb on

16 photo 16_zps0fxe0ba2.jpg
hanging with the Hallows and quality time with my youngest nephew

17 photo 17_zpsjjqtriml.jpg
Giants in jammies and more installation of the little lady's bedroom

18 photo 18_zpsopww537s.jpg
a trip from SLC to DCD with a bestie for MHM18 and studying for my first yoga teacher training 

19 photo 19_zpsiusindfn.jpg
seeing old roomies from college and swimming in the ocean during a pink sunset

20 photo 20_zps3gjdgy6u.jpg
coastal hikes and practicing yoga on the Giants field (after they won) with 2Tone!

21 photo 21_zpssbvh8o53.jpg
vintage car rides with buddies to wine country for my birthday and more fun installations

22 photo 22_zps40pcwkka.jpg
riding in the Italian Heritage Parade and watching my nephew shred it in Seattle

23 photo 23_zps4tzg4jzi.jpg
a pretty wallpaper install and leaving our mark

24 photo 24_zpsub09pbcq.jpg
getting fancy with the hubby for a xmas party and meeting new and wonderful friends

25 photo 25_zpscmyunbzy.jpg
dinner parties with friends and feeding the monkeys in Costa Rica  

26 photo 26_zpskiqyy2j7.jpg
christmas in Santa Barbara and rollerskating with friends along the beach

H*A*P*P*Y N*E*W Y*E*A*R, friends.......xo!!

all images by Janel Holiday Interior Design - use with permission is totally cool.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...a HOLIDAY DINNER to celebrate friendship and a birthday....!

Two years ago a few of my girlfriends got together and threw a surprise dinner party for one of our favorite guys - Christopher. I blogged about all the deets here and I'll probably repeat myself on this dinner blog so I apologize ahead of time! This year the same friends got together to celebrate Christopher's birthday once again and the holiday season.

Since we are right around Christmas I wanted my table setting to reflect all that I love about Christmas...warmth, coziness, twinkling lights, festive cheer. I began with my table party favors for people to take home with them. I took plain, terracotta small planters and painted them gold and red and planted tiny succulents in them - kicking off my red, gold, green and white color scheme. From there I built around it and did the same thing as I suggested last time: setting the table the night before, signature greeting drink(s), personalized menus and as much food prep as possible....the more time I find that I can give myself for last minute details the more relaxed I am as a hostess....!

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_4_zpsbnfirc4l.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_2_zpsysiuchel.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_A_zpsexzwgl7o.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_1_zpsbt854oyj.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_17_zps9hqvbzio.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_D_zpspfed0wsg.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_9_zpsiprl7dip.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_13_zpsrxfcqrlw.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_19_zpsbnr5jqs9.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_18_zpsckouz56b.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_20_zpsiy0j50pg.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_15_zpsdo06vkx0.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_12_zpsdozcbs5a.jpg


 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_22_zpsv6tzru13.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_3_zpsoifufjwc.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_5_zpsggbyozhy.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_6_zps9fmiywvv.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_10_zpsaxergrpc.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_7_zpsxjkpcnbm.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_C_zpsvx5rwowe.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_8_zpsma19lm0o.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_21_zpse0jkeioj.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_11_zps6is5qgxo.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_24_zpsczcot3fp.jpg
me + the birthday you SO very much, Christopher!! xx

all photos by janel holiday interior design.....please credit as such if used - thank you!