Thursday, August 16, 2012

stylish SCOOTER girl....!

This whole Valentino studded and beautiful pieces thing has gotten a bit out of control....I am now coveting $600 pale gold studded, black leather and leopard gloves from the fashion power house......I mean, they are glamourous and chic and oh-so-delicious, but I can't wrap my head around the pretty price tag when they are sure to get a bit of Motul on them in the first 5 minutes.....BUT a girl can dream right?!  And with that dream comes my other (and by "other" I mean one of a gazillion things on my list) big ticket dealio....a cherry red Vespa (no,, Vespa.....hmmm...).  Like...BRIGHT cherry red.....with a houndstooth seat?  Yes.  So here are all my things whirling around my head in relation to those two fabulous things mentioned above...

1. False eyelashes.....ala Twiggy circa 1960.
2. An over the shoulder this sick little velvet plaid and studded bow gem.
3. "But, honey, this jacket IS reasonable.  The bright red color is for SAFETY...!"...belted wool coat by McQ Alexander McQueen.
4. Hello, helmet.  Protect your noggin.
5. Hopefully you won't need any road side service, but if you do you can rest easy knowing you and your smart phone look cute while doing so.
6.  There are those gloves I was talking about.....chic, no?!
7. Resin "Modernity" necklace by one of favorite gals - Trina Turk.
8. The perfect houndstooth dress by ModCloth.
9. Go big or go home? I don't know about that, but I do know these boots are AMAZING.
10. A sweet Vespa SS180.  

Soundtrack features the original Beat girl....the English Beat...!


Saturday, August 11, 2012


It's quite often that my frantic mind fixates on something (usually interior or fashion related) and becomes a little, well, obsessed with said object.  It has happened with the beautiful, black studded Valentino bag I spotted a few months back.  I can't get it out of my head.  It is the perfect combination of construction, chicness and function.  The topper is the studded detailing - reeling it back in from being too "normal" for this girl.  I love a studded piece. Here are a few I would gladly welcome into my life....including that delicious Valentino bag that someone should probably get me for my birthday.  

1.  Studded Leather Bar (with a mirrored interior - swoon!!).....Belgium 1940.
2. Classic Tiffany Studs.
3. Galway Wall Mirror.....Ireland, 1980.
4. D Frame Studded Glasses by Valentino.
5. Vinyl and Studded Doors....1950s.
6. Vince Camuto "Jamma" Pumps
7. Eda Studded Bikini
8. Harpaz Studded Buffet by Erinn V. Maison.
9. Fruitwood and Diamond Studded Bangle.
10. French Bakelite Wall Sconces.....1940s.
11. Pair of Studded Bedside Dressers by Tommi Parzinger....USA 1950s.
12. Alti-140 Spiked Leather Pumps by Louboutin....dude.
13. The Bag.

Soundtrack is one of my favorite punky and studded bands - Operation Ivy - of course!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

a peek into SUNNYLANDS.....

Sunnylands is the desert residence of philanthropists Walter and Leonore Annenberg (you know the peeps whose trust sponsors everything on NPR?) in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Excitement on two levels.  One being that modernist architect A. Quincy Jones designed this 25,000 square foot house and two, silent-film-star-turned-interior designer William Haines (working with associate Ted Garber) spearheaded the interiors.  I came across the following photos on California Home + Design's website and was so excited to see the photos depicting the bygone interiors by William Haines.....I mean, the sunflower sofa?!

Once what was a retreat for the super powerful and elite (Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, Nixon, Bill Clinton, Frank Sinatra, Truman Capote and on and on....) has now been renovated (a lot of the same furniture but MUCH different fabrics, etc) and hosts a new visitor center.  A trip here is definitely on my next Palm Springs trip.  The landscaping, open floor plan and history are many people walked those floors.

These days, the historic estate hosts specific retreats with guidelines set forth in explicit detail by the Annenbergs.  More can be read about their vision and mission here.

Leonore Anneberg favored pink (I like this gal already!) and had the pink roof and walls washed in pink admiring how it this same color washed over the mountains at sunset.


dubbed the "Room of Memories".....Walter Annenberg was the British ambassador and hosted hundreds of famous people and public figures.





Digital reproductions have been made of the several Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings that hung at Sunnylands.  A collection worth a reported 1 billion dollars came out of this home and was donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art after Walter's death.  There does remain original sculpture's in the home by Jean Arp and "Eve", the sculpture in the atrium by Auguste Rodin.


There's Eve....

A nine-hole golf course and 11 fishing lakes are part of Sunnyland's surrounding landscape.  Nice.

Lee loved a table setting.

The lady of the Manor - Leonore Annenberg.

The new visitor's center offers interactive displays, films, information on past guests and views at some of the art from the Sunnylands Collection. A tour of some of the gardens is also on the list.

All photos are from the Annenberg Foundation with the exception of the photo above of the visitor's center by Mark Davidson. I hope to share my own photos later this year!

Rather than my typical soundtrack accompanying this posting, check out this video of who is staying at Sunnylands these days and the work that is being done here to help current and future generations.  It is quite the powerhouse of the desert.