Monday, March 31, 2014

california kitsch at it's finest...THE MADONNA INN....!

I'm not sure the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo has changed the idea of it's decor since it opened in 1958. The Faux-Swiss Alps exterior welcomes guests and curious travelers into common areas that boast masses of copper accents, painted western murals, flowers, gold gilt, ornate mirrors, gaudy (but good gaudy - there is such a thing) chandeliers and roses, roses, roses...! Although a fire burned down the original 40 rooms in 1966, the inn reopened a year later with 110 rooms that still bear all sorts of themes to this day.

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We stayed there for a night over the weekend while attending a vintage scooter rally and I wish we could have stayed the whole week. The rooms don't take themselves serious at all, yet the hotel still offers perks that you would hope to find while on vacation - a spa, fabulous steak house, great hot-tubs (yes, there are nestled into the rock hillside), and the type of old-school, sugar and white flour fueled bakery (aka delicious) that you don't see too many of these days.

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To visit in spring is pretty divine since the grounds are spread out on some of the prettiest rolling hills the Central Coast offers. This backdrop provides a certain escape from reality if you can cancel out the 101 freeway almost looks fake.

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Stay there if you get the chance - you won't regret it!

all photos by janel holiday interior design - please ask permission before using - thanks!