Tuesday, January 5, 2016

...this original RAPHAEL SORIANO home for sale in studio city is amazing....!

Sometimes a house listing comes up that I instantly am thinking "So, when is that next Lotto drawing again"? This is one of them. Between the fact that the original owners have preserved this Raphael Soriano home in Studio City, CA, to the furnishings, all the steel and glass.......MOVE ME IN!!

Raphael Soriano worked with so many incredible architects including Ricahrd Neutra, Gregory Ain, Rudolph Schindler and Joseph Eichler to name a few. He designed famed photographer Julius Shulman's home (still standing) as well....the list goes on and on.

Drool on....

 photo Soriano_House2_zpsfmhg8yhq.jpg
please with those perforated screens.

 photo Soriano_House6_zpsy5ta1811.jpg

 photo Soriano_House3_zpsbtcjxt8m.jpg

 photo Soriano_House1_zpsyptzh7zh.jpg
just needs a scooter/motorcycle garage

 photo Soriano_House4_zpsm39t4old.jpg

 photo Soriano_House5_zpsqifjuici.jpg

 photo Soriano_House8_zpsxp4oqg1d.jpg

 photo Soriano_House7_zpshx09sfwx.jpg

 photo Soriano_House9_zpsko4441tj.jpg

 photo Soriano_House12_zpstfim6jxn.jpg
love that office view....

 photo Soriano_House10_zpsacli3npr.jpg
that bar!!

 photo Soriano_House13_zps1razeaey.jpg

 photo Soriano_House11_zpsa1b1qfte.jpg

 photo Soriano_House14_zpsmlcjqo8l.jpg

 photo Soriano_House15_zps5xdgyiqh.jpg
oh, the brunches I could do here....

 photo Soriano_House17_zpshqfxitpr.jpg

 photo Soriano_House16_zpseyqp8dh7.jpg

 photo Soriano_House18_zpstqm8nl5k.jpg

 photo Soriano_House20_zpsrppvkrzr.jpg

all images taken off of CurbedLA's site and listing here.