Sunday, November 17, 2013

vintage DISNEYLAND...!

Growing up in Southern California (technically "Central Coast" for Santa Barbarians) definitely comes with a few perks....beach parties in November, bumping elbows with the famous, avocados and citrus groves galore, we can snowboard or go to the beach in December....or both! And we have Disneyland.  The family passes that exist now were not in existence when we were kids.  To go was a HUGE treat and we would spend months counting down the days and planning which rides we would go on.  My favorite memory is sitting in the back of my grandmother's truck and driving back to Riverside with her and my mom....and I think a few of my siblings....we were tired, sunburned, sticky from eating too many redhots in New Orleans square, sugar crashed out, but oh-so happy.  There really isn't anything like a good dose of Disneyland - no matter what age you are.

It is so much different than it used to be....looking at some of these vintage costumes that may be a good thing in that department (some are looking a little Mr. Creepers)....but the fonts and art direction are spot on.  So modern for the time.  They inspire so many artists to this day - myself included.

I rounded up some vintage photos from the Disneyland I love.

 photo KTPBKYC_3_59_N04R_zpse16556a7.jpg

 photo G_zps3da584e6.jpg

 photo 157063105724023189YtqiXbUuc_zpsb376b025.jpg

 photo E_zps1b83501d.jpg

 photo gty_disney_teacups_kb_130717_blog_zps6eb93b05.jpg

 photo F_zps5a5fe979.jpg

 photo NORVELL370_zps8a96946e.jpg

 photo H_zps6adb1547.jpg

 photo NORVELL3343_zpsf442f8af.jpg


 photo hm_zpsad16243f.jpg

 photo Disneyland-3_zpsc9b7f312.jpg

 photo NORVELL1134_zps979ec9ca.jpg

 photo 6a00d834525fe869e20177442606a3970d-500wi_zps7b388fce.png

 photo L_zps18cc1270.jpg

 photo 21603273182266548z480LnuFc_zps4654e408.jpg

 photo J_zps2b64b59c.jpg

 photo junglebook_zps836ef862.jpg

 photo 6a00d83451ccbc69e201348556be0e970c-400wi_zps17b1d717.jpg

 photo 22418808_0270e8f6e7_zpscda1c457.jpg

 photo I_zps3d7e57f5.jpg

 photo wildanimals_zps50bc6447.jpg

 photo vintagedisney5_zps51aa00a2.jpg

 photo hauntedmansion4_zps0c6153db.jpg

 photo TomorrowlandPC_zpsda94837e.jpg

 photo DISNEYLANDNEWFUN61AD_zpsdb2e6d5d.jpg

 photo mermaids_in_lagoon_by_matterhorn_zps967183e8.jpg

 photo B_zpsfe341185.jpg

 photo tumblr_lhiaqmDd921qf7075o1_500_zpsbf721787.jpg

 photo A_zps80d71972.jpg

 photo tumblr_lrwic5UeKx1r3ynayo1_1280_zps87e7abd3.jpg

 photo K_zpsa9a17318.jpg

 photo tumblr_mgs525w0D41qa70eyo1_500_zps4de27f44.jpg

 photo potc_auction2_zps4bdffab0.png

 photo D_zpsb6b25f29.jpg

what was your favorite ride?!

xoxo janel