Sunday, April 21, 2013

friday night FIREWORKS at Gabriella + Morgan's RETRO inspired pad!

This past Friday evening the hubby + I attended a casual grouping of friends to BBQ and watch the post-Giant's game fireworks.  My girlfriend Gabriella is multi-talented - just look at her blog, "Sewing Is Hard"....her flair and style not only graces everything she wears, but her home as well.  Morgan and her have created a home that is homey, charming, eclectic, curious, retro and completely reflective of their personalities and interests.  There are so many vignettes to explore not to mention the sweeping views of the city and Bay can't help the desire to mix an old-school cocktail (or tiki inspired drink), slap on some vinyl and catch up on the day-to-day...

I'm so happy I decided to spontaneously grab my camera as we headed out the door....the light was beautiful that evening as the sun set and I definitely felt inspired to capture their home in a few shots and share them here with you!


 photo IMG_8399_zps1cc71ae6.jpg

 photo IMG_8401_zpsa0506821.jpg

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 photo IMG_8455_zps4892b4f4.jpg

 photo IMG_8419_zps769c975d.jpg

 photo IMG_8430_zps205293bb.jpg
Gabriella....she is the cutest!

 photo IMG_8551_zpse4e45c4b.jpg

 photo IMG_8439_zpsab959161.jpg

 photo IMG_8440_zps3f730463.jpg
Morgan - grillmaster!

 photo IMG_8437_zps7ed33dfd.jpg

 photo IMG_8434_zpscc0d0d08.jpg

 photo IMG_8441_zpsac6696d3.jpg

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 photo IMG_8497_zpsdb22e245.jpg

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 photo IMG_8508_zps26f260d3.jpg

 photo IMG_8542_zps91eb7188.jpg

 photo IMG_8511_zps22c3905f.jpg

 photo IMG_8516_zpsb0044d42.jpg

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 photo IMG_8556_zps465a80c7.jpg

 photo IMG_8560_zpsa7540c3a.jpg

 photo IMG_8562_zps38976fef.jpg

 photo IMG_8566_zps4a74e7eb.jpg

 photo IMG_8576_zps9e31d6b4.jpg

all photographs by janel holiday interior design - and for the record, I didn't rearrange one, single thing...everything was shot just the way I found it....cute, right?!

sweet Hawaiian soundtrack is the music for this house tour!

 photo Hawaiian-Holiday-Leni-Okehu-And-His-Surfboarders_zps4ff789ed.jpg