Friday, August 13, 2010

10 RANDOM and BEAUTIFUL things that can march through my front door...thanks.

i am constantly trying to figure out how to improve my digs...and these are 10 things that i would have no problem housing:

1. the rubber dipped chandelier by designer tobias wong.  i love this piece.  it is a fantastic example of traditional meets modern design.  you can customize your chandelier by peeling away rubber to reveal lead crystal.....i think i would leave mine completely immersed in the white rubber casing.  what about you?  destination = my bedroom

2. oh. my. god.  just ask any of my girls at RBID how much i squealed over this vase!  it is to die for and i don't think i will feel complete until its mine.  part of the parrot party collection by jamie hayon for lladro.  you should follow the link and look at the entire collection.  i know, the candlesticks are ah-mazing.

3. what an insane mirror.  like a ton of brilliant diamonds thrown up on your wall.  the "stellar" mirror is a limited edition of 25 by designer jake phipps.  this mirror has it's own youtube video.  i swear.

4.  have you figured out that i like birds yet?  these little crystal and brass beauties are pure 1970's glam.  To go into my make believe PR (powder room) of course.  at paul marra design.

5. david hicks's hexagon wallpaper never gets old to me.  destination = hallway.

6. oh, samuel marx.  of course you would make this sexy lacquer and parchment vanity.  and modern one, of course you would price it well beyond my reach.  a girl can dream.....

7. always on the hunt for cute, white outdoor furniture, here is the "maia" chair by designer patricia urquiloa for kettal.

8. I would make super cute pillows for my maia chairs with this trina turk outdoor fabric for schumacher!

9. the beads and pieces collection by hella jongerius is crafted by artisans in peru.  the perfect shade of pink against the matte black is delirious....i have one piece from this collection and i often take time to turn it over in my hands and admire the work.  pretty, pretty.

10. harry bertoia makes some of my favorite pieces of furniture and he also made amazing copper "bush" sculptures like the one here.  i would put this on a stack of books or by itself on a coffee table for all to admire.  these pieces in person are stunning.

soundtrack = please, please, please let me get what i want by the smiths...of course!