Thursday, October 23, 2014

patterns in photographer KACPER KOWALSKI...!

I came across photographer Kacper Kowalski's exquisite group of aerial shots of Fall foliage on Time's website. Kowalski flew alone - performing both as the pilot AND the photographer to capture and share these amazing landscapes in his country of Poland.

The patterns and colors are so inspiring and once again remind me that you don't have to look far for inspiration.....nature is and will always be my greatest muse.

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID12_zpsf235aaee.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID14_zps5ab71027.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID15_zps41d4421b.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID11_zps5ea34068.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID8_zpsd02311fd.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID13_zps4a0834a1.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID10_zpsaaf87c43.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID9_zpsbe3b4cc2.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID3_zpsd922dc05.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID6_zps8137bcbd.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID5_zps235a9d09.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID4_zpsfbe7e973.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID1_zps0a5878c3.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID7_zpsa2d56bd1.jpg

 photo fall_foliage_Kacper_Kowalski-Panos_JHID2_zps198ccf96.jpg

Friday, October 3, 2014

my first visit to THE ROCK....!

We have lived in San Francisco for over seven years now and up until a few weeks ago I had never been to Alcatraz Island. Is that weird? I kindof thought so....It is pretty much up my alley in that it has decaying, abandoned buildings, history, mystery and is the place for colonial nesting seabirds....who knew?!

A good friend came into town and wanted to hit up the island, so I finally was forced to commit to a date/time and a ticket purchase (you have to buy these weeks in advance sometimes).  The day started off ominous, chilly and gloomy.....pretty appropriate given that we were headed to a haunted island that housed bad boys, right?

 photo IMG_3631copy_zps3b2f39df.jpg
on our way over on the boat was this chilly little feathered nugget

 photo IMG_3638copy_zps48d4b88c.jpg
watch tower

 photo A_zps57c242b3.jpg

 photo IMG_3644copy_zpse79055e1.jpg

I was excited to jump behind my lens and capture the juxtaposition of the beauty against decay.....the reason for the structures for being there versus the sea and salt air taking it's tole on the materials....eventually breaking them down and driving them back to the ground in some cases. 

 photo IMG_3639copy_zps3582b2fa.jpg

 photo IMG_3648copy_zpsb75941ec.jpg

 photo IMG_3654copy_zps77983de6.jpg

 photo B_zps40998330.jpg

  photo IMG_3658copy_zps82315a93.jpg

 photo IMG_3659copy_zpse693755a.jpg

 photo IMG_3660copy_zps5090d06a.jpg

 photo IMG_3664copy_zps4b427d9d.jpg

 photo IMG_3666copy_zpsc3c38b29.jpg

 photo C_zps5516ea6f.jpg

 photo IMG_3671copy_zps418f8130.jpg

 photo IMG_3676copy_zps5e1d0175.jpg

 photo IMG_3682copy_zpsb30ffe1c.jpg

 photo IMG_3683copy_zpsdb1c1b75.jpg

 photo IMG_3692copy_zpsa1a04889.jpg

 photo D_zps3c474e5e.jpg

 photo IMG_3694copy_zps86e9bef8.jpg

 photo IMG_3698copy_zpsee190449.jpg

 photo IMG_3700copy_zps2d5fdde2.jpg

 photo IMG_3704copy_zpsc6cb6add.jpg

 photo IMG_3705copy_zps74990453.jpg

  photo IMG_3710copy_zps8d4c1a4d.jpg

 photo IMG_3711copy_zps1fae8921.jpg

 photo IMG_3717copy_zpsd3fee28d.jpg

 photo IMG_3721copy_zps26a0c457.jpg

 photo IMG_3722copy_zps1f2a0cd1.jpg

 photo IMG_3735copy_zpsc069ab90.jpg

 photo IMG_3739copy_zpsb58bb30f.jpg

 photo IMG_3742copy_zps7e6ebf11.jpg

 photo E_zps34697ae0.jpg

 photo IMG_3757copy_zpsf7838dba.jpg

 photo IMG_3759copy_zpsfc30e2c4.jpg

 photo IMG_3763copy_zps7b2affe5.jpg

 photo IMG_3771copy_zpse0da4ab4.jpg

 photo IMG_3772copy_zps76bca0bb.jpg

 photo IMG_3778copy_zps182085e0.jpg

 photo IMG_3779copy_zpsad1f9cde.jpg

 photo IMG_3784copy_zps45fb94d3.jpg

 photo IMG_3787copy_zps18471376.jpg

 photo IMG_3795copy_zps0b1c474a.jpg
solitary confinement cells

 photo IMG_3800copy_zps3b96dc29.jpg

 photo IMG_3805copy_zps036a4452.jpg

 photo IMG_3806copy_zps7bca2dbc.jpg

 photo IMG_3818copy_zps4570469a.jpg

 photo F_zpsac6200f6.jpg

 photo IMG_3828copy_zpsf51b2b27.jpg

 photo IMG_3830copy_zps618b51dd.jpg

 photo IMG_3835copy_zps0608bb07.jpg

 photo IMG_3839copy_zpsd2979185.jpg

 photo H_zpsb6f134d4.jpg

 photo IMG_3853copy_zps5390674f.jpg

 photo IMG_3856copy_zps23b17813.jpg

 photo IMG_3864copy_zps229c4c71.jpg

 photo IMG_3861copy_zps2291db96.jpg

 photo IMG_3871copy_zps544c354a.jpg

 photo G_zps2791da70.jpg

 photo IMG_3889copy_zps9080d263.jpg

The do a great audio tour that borders on the actual old inmate's gruff voice guides you through the and you can experience breaks into the fresh air....quickly turning back around and inside the cold buildings. The guide is spotted with stories and first hand accounts of s**t that goes down inside....I recommend it - at least once.

all images by janel holiday interior design - be cool and ask for permission prior to using, k?