Sunday, October 13, 2013

....paintin' PUMPKINS...!

What better way to kick off the Fall season with a little trip to the pumpkin patch?  We have several amazing patches in the Bay Area with my favs being off PCH 1 in Half Moon Bay, but since that trek wasn't in our plans, my friend Samantha and I headed to our neighborhood 'patch to pick up some 'pumps to paint.  This patch is pretty cute....only one of those cheap, plastic blow-up decorations in site (more than one, and it is a no-go for me)....hay rides, turkeys and a bunny all were part of the festive scene.

 photo C_zps8a757be4.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12164749_zpsa9fe778b.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12165418_zpsda01c35f.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12165342_zps5b032179.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12165150_zps35117f6c.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12165427_zpsa167110e.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12164936_zps9210d8fd.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12164945_zpsde52d52d.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12164816_zps71a4e297.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12165127-1_zps98bb4d01.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12165828_zps42acce70.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12164717_zps1cd5c329.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12164723_zps5fdf9c99.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12164939_zps532ff1b4.jpg

I used acrylic paint for the base of all my pumpkins.  I had high hopes to use painter's tape to mask off perfect chevron and striped patterns but it ended up taking off the paint when used....I don't think I let it dry enough.  Note to self for next year.  So when you see the pic of my chevron pumpkin, well, don't judge.

 photo A_zpsf94e3f95.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12134333_zps5d6e7e75.jpg

 photo 2013-10-12134516_zps86ac4bc0.jpg
i don't paint pumpkins - i just lounge and am fabulous.

 photo B_zps64149dd9.jpg

 photo 2013-10-13080936-1_zps84769077.jpg
they came out pretty cute!

 photo 2013-10-13070120_zps2a86143e.jpg
some bats for sillies

 photo 2013-10-13070102_zpscf14e3f4.jpg
the OCD in me wants to throw these off the porch, but we will just let them be.

 photo 2013-10-13080941_zps4b035bb6.jpg

 photo D_zpsb1a48757.jpg

 photo 2013-10-13081025_zpsf8e3af83.jpg
happy halloween!!

all images by janel holiday interior design - please use with permission.