Wednesday, July 31, 2013

....stalking some major PALM SPRINGS REAL ESTATE....!

One of my favorite daydream pastimes is cruising one of the the ever-so-convenient real estate sites such as Trulia, Zillow or Redfin and seeing what fabulous listings there are for Palm is basically my dream to purchase a home there and have free reign to design it however I see fit (think major hostess moments throughout....the ultimate poolside party pad).

Well, look at this little number I stumbled upon...the private home of interior designer Arthur Elrod.  He decorated it inside and out and lived there from 1962 - 1964 until the current owner (a friend of his) bought it and decided to keep it exactly as Arthur himself had designed it.

 photo le3034244-m1x_zps77e476d6.jpg

 photo le3034244-m5x_zpsbc081bdd.jpg

 photo le3034244-m0x_zps2d02ca66.jpg

Arthur lived here prior to John Lautner building what is now known as the "Elrod House" on the northern tip of Southridge.  Neighbors?  Well, for starters you have the Lautner home built for Bob Hope.  Not bad, right?

It hasn't been on the market for over 40 years and the William Hamling, the owner now, has kept it furnished the way Arthur had when he designed it for himself.

AND, it is going on the market furnished.  Look at those light fixtures....!

 photo le3034244-m3x_zpsb325ac7f.jpg

 photo le3034244-m4x_zps46d3e906.jpg

 photo le3034244-m2x_zpsd699f822.jpg

So while I was doing a bit more research I found that you can actually RENT this property through Luxury Retreats. I found all these additional photos on their site:

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-1_zps02b0b536.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-5_zpsa0c65dd9.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-6_zpsd81e46e1.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-7_zpsd41e2a84.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-3_zps0a495335.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-4_zpsb1b6f12c.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-2_zps552b66e9.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-8_zps6bf14a38.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-13_zps3a8d2dec.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-14_zps6899bbef.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-10_zpsbb0b5e53.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-11_zps99a8aaf0.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-12_zps83aa9ecc.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-15_zpsc55c841d.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-16_zpsd29f1008.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-9_zpscb137cca.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-18_zps4aef5879.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-21_zps3267925f.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-22_zps7f9352d0.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-20_zpsfbc31b03.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-23_zps0112b7b6.jpg

so I can LIVE there?!  If only for a few days....

xo janel

Sunday, July 21, 2013

summer WHITE with a bit of GOLD....!

Hot summers always calls for crisp whites - whether in home decor, fashion or both.  Since my summer in SF tends to be on the "grayer" side (ahem, KARL the FOG), I am finding myself attracted to whites with a bit of glimmer and sparkle. Check out ten white + gold combinations that I am coveting this week!

 photo whiteandgold1_zps78b2979e.jpg

 photo whiteandgold2_zpsd584affc.jpg
1. specifically designed for the The House Hotel Galatasaray in Beyoglu, plated with white steel chandelier by autoban.
2. knuckle duster coffee mug by MouseTheory 
3. white lacquer and gold leaf scalloped mirror by the uber fabby Dorothy Draper 
4. gold plated metal, translucent epoxy stone, mother and pearl and glass make up this sparkly necklace by Kate Spade....enough to chase my foggy blues away!
5. porcelain "Fontanta" collection by Jonathan Adler 
6. okay, so not really gold AND white...but this pom-pom Curtis Jere sculpture would be amazing on a stark white wall....maybe in Palm Springs?!
7. ceramic bowl with gold polka-dots 
8. gold dipped porcelain spoon set
9. mid-century lamps with gold gilt circles
10. white lacquer side tables with gold gilt table that feel very James Mont-esque, yes?

Hope your summer is treating you well so far!

x janel

Saturday, July 6, 2013, white + blue 4th of JULY DECOR....!

We haven't been rocking too many large parties over here at Casa Holiday Huff these days....Our Lu Lu is older and not quite the party girl she used to be and quite frankly the cleanup after just got a bit tired....however this 4th of July we had really good friends come into town and we wanted to host a small gathering to welcome them off the road and celebrate the 4th.  We quickly threw together a small guest list, assigned a few side dishes to share and then I whipped up some red, white + blue decor to get guests in the holiday mood.

 photo IMG_9524_zpsdedb2e1f.jpg

 photo A_zpsd909f0cf.jpg

 photo IMG_9568_zps7a2f6f2d.jpg

 photo IMG_9534_zps9635a34b.jpg

 photo C_zps41320211.jpg

 photo IMG_9545_zps28dd66ba.jpg

 photo IMG_9559_zps9e58d6ac.jpg

 photo B_zps51cc067e.jpg
I used old bandanas to line trays, etc.

 photo IMG_9579_zpsbe4309e7.jpg
I printed these little napkin rings to give the flatware a festive pick up!

 photo IMG_9542_zps915c80c3.jpg
the menu gave our guests a rundown of the dinner to come....always on the menu? my husband's grilled turkey burgers!

I always love a signature cocktail.  I tweaked the recipe a bit for this spicy layered margarita and it was a HIT!

 photo IMG_9583_zps416880f5.jpg
I used the same napkin ring graphic and busted out my hot glue gun to do these little cocktail skewers.....i love a pom-pom!

 photo IMG_9540_zps1a54da70.jpg

 photo 7199_10151764225461532_25808795_n_zpscf24f24b.jpg

 photo 1043877_10151483928343038_1128887621_n_zps19dc6661.jpg
Nick gets a sip!

After we ate we took advantage of a very rare clear evening and hiked up to the top of Mt. Davidson to watch all the different neighborhoods light off (um, illegal) fireworks and of course the big SF fireworks - it was a beautiful night and a perfect end to a great day....hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

 photo D_zps27071034.jpg