Friday, March 22, 2013 of nature's most colorful displays!

I visited one of my favorite stone yards this week for a project I needed to source stone slabs for.  It is always such a treat and welcomed distraction to walk the yards at Fox Marble.  I needed a subtle white marble, not too much veining....soft.  But of course what always catches my eye are the bright and/or busy slabs, ones that are swirling with patterns and abstract shapes.  The closer and longer you look at them the more surprises surface.....some of my favorite slabs are the ones with so much color and depth to's crazy to me that these are sliced from the earth and can then be installed and enjoyed in interiors for years to come.  The illusion of texture and movement is amazing.

Some beautiful slab details I saw the other day:

 photo IMG_7646_zps5c0784f5.jpg

 photo IMG_7642_zps8c699235.jpg

 photo IMG_7636_zpsecef1f93.jpg

 photo IMG_7643_zps70052c73.jpg

 photo IMG_7637_zpsb7f2ad7c.jpg

 photo IMG_7645_zps594331d7.jpg

 photo IMG_7632_zps1a1e1814.jpg

 photo IMG_7635_zpsa20a1953.jpg

 photo IMG_7640_zps048aefe6.jpg

 photo IMG_7650_zps7cc235f5.jpg

 photo IMG_7654_zpsbcbff547.jpg

 photo IMG_7662_zps7c49e47c.jpg

 photo IMG_7647_zpsacdb81e4.jpg

 photo IMG_7655_zps6f143ba2.jpg

 photo IMG_7661_zps308f25cd.jpg

 photo IMG_7668_zps486160a4.jpg

 photo IMG_7663_zps13a0c8ec.jpg

 photo IMG_7676_zps251935b5.jpg

 photo IMG_7666_zpse8aa0c2a.jpg

 photo IMG_7671_zps0d4c93bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7678_zps8180bb48.jpg

 photo IMG_7677_zps92bb75dc.jpg

 photo IMG_7679_zps1f7502d5.jpg

Kelly Wearstler and Stephen Gambrel are two of my favorite designers who use bolder full slabs in many of their projects.  The end result is like this jewel box of a room...bursting with character:

 photo KW1_zps10e65cef.jpg

 photo KW3_zps030b36e0.jpg

 photo SG1_zps2728284e.jpg

 photo SG3_zps453ed37c.jpg

 photo SG2_zps2b502839.jpg

 photo SG7_zps4d5d6994.jpg

 photo SG6_zpsa3682d3b.jpg

 photo SG5_zpsefa54243.jpg

 photo KW2_zps92088cd4.jpg

 photo SG4_zps7d4b5e0c.jpg

 photo JA_zpsbc63ca82.jpg
this little marble encased bar by Jonathan Adler at The Parker, Palm Springs is one of my fav places to sip a chic!

All stone images by janel holiday interior design - all interior images from each respective's designers website.....except the Parker Bar shot by moi.....xo janel !

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