Friday, March 15, 2013

...pretty PASTELS!

With Spring just around the corner (official date is March 20th), I have been attracted to pretty pastel and Spring like colors.  I thought for sure the color of the year would be mint green - not emerald green - with the huge popularity of this color in the fashion world right now.  Check out some of my refreshing Spring pastel picks below!

1. Have you heard of Oyyo's 100% organic cotton and vegetable dyed dhurries?! I'm obsessed.
2. Sophie Cook makes the most exquisite vases with graceful necks and big, plump bodies.
3. The taboret table from Bungalow 5 is a great little side table.
4. Pastel pink and gold bow earrings from Kate Spade.
5. Chic pastel yellow studded flats by McQ Alexander McQueen.
6. A sweet little geometric pastel painted birch wood box from LIEF.
7. Essie nail polish always has the colors I WANT to paint my nails, but i typically chicken out and go for my standard red....
8. This beautiful Deco buffet!! French, 1930's perfection!!

9. Matte porcelain bowls by Brooklyn based artisan, Johanna Flores.
10. Crayon vases - I love these grouped together...
11. Decorative lacquer boxes with white trim.
12. Another Oyyo rug....beyond, right?!
13. Loyal Loot Collective makes these pretty turned log bowls that come in tons of fab!
14. Rebecca Minkoff mint leather tote....yes, please!
15. Archimede Seguso Murano long neck lamps....again, to be put in my dream home.
16. Jonathan Adler's "Lampert Lounger"...perfect for passing out on after shopping all day.

There was a doo-wop group called "The Argo Pastels" and I think they had maybe 3 songs....!




  1. Found this blog really a good point for me because I'm looking for pages talks about decor/ interior design and etc., I'm interested to stop through this blog coz I'm longing for glass doors sample page.

  2. what a juicy, pastel-y round up!!
    gimme that oyyo rug!!

    1. thanks, bff!! all of oyyo's rugs are SOOOOO amaze...and their site, photography, layout, etc. is totes boom-chicka-boom......xx