Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DIY bachelorette PARTY INVITES: for a cute + beautiful bride-to-be....!

I love a party. Especially a party that involves a cute outfit or two or three. And champagne. Of course. So when I recently took the my "matron-of-honor" reins for a bachelorette party I was in charge of throwing for the bride-to-be I got a bit crafty on the invites. First of all, us ladies were going to stay at The Madonna've heard me talk about it before, right? It is glorious. Kitschy, pink, gold, thematic, tufted, dripping in roses and super campy....I'm obsessed with it. One thing I love to do with for any party I am planning is to run with a theme and I was thrilled to incorporate The Madonna Inn into the invites and get the girls prepped and excited for what was sure to be a weekend to remember.

I like to do all my own graphics for my invites if I'm making them. #1: It's nice to put that school stuff to use and #2: I'm a control freak. For Jamie's invites I looked back at some photos I took of The Madonna Inn for inspiration and knew I wanted them to be: pink, green, gold, rosey, striped, tufted and glittery....!

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Madonna inn1_zpsqrtvjjhy.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Madonna inn4_zpsplcrtnso.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Madonna inn3_zpszhsfkob7.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Madonna inn2_zps7smfba78.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Madonna inn5_zpskgzc8l6r.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Madonna inn6_zpspcxoh7va.jpg

Paper Source is my go-to for invite supplies. They have a wide selection and range of colors for the basics (card-stock, envelopes, etc.) and tons of great roll and single sheet decorative paper to do custom envelope liners. I decided on large bright pink envelopes, blush pink and bright pink cardstock for a two part invite and gold glitter paper to line the envelopes. They will totally oversell you on all the stuff to do these crafty things at home. Let them - the stuff works!

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design1_zpsucjf5bou.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design2_zpsb60zltle.jpg

Once I had my supplies I designed the two part invites to fit the cardstock knowing I would embellish them with glitter (because, glitter) and other fun stuff that would embody The Madonna Inn.

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design Custom Invite_zpsjzyrtc3b.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design5_zpswu3tz7sm.jpg
I like to use thicker PhotoPaper.....glossy is good. It makes a sturdy finished product, it takes hot glue and Modge Podge (see below) really well and basically creates a good foundation to glue stuff to. Easier to cut as well.

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design4_zpsnh6hto7k.jpg
It's very important to have an assistant on hand. even if they just stand around and look cute.

  photo Janel Holiday Interior Design6_zpskhr5tfk5.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design8_zpswkbsxgxw.jpg
I love these envelope liners from Paper Source....just trace out, cut and then use double-stick tape to secure....

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design9_zpsoh7thav6.jpg
save your scraps for other things...I made gift bag tags and heart cake toppers for the weekend with mine. I try to carry the theme throughout the party.

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design10_zpsodgx6nmd.jpg
gold glitter + pink. what is not to love?!

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design7_zps93i2knoi.jpg
I use glue sticks to secure the invite to cardstock and then wedge the finished dealio under something heavy to get them to stick and dry flat.

Once dry, I used things I picked up from Michael's and just piled it on until it felt Madonna Inny enough.

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design11_zpsqjvw8e33.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design12_zpsslepuq4o.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design13_zpsdhm9kupp.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design14_zpselbapv74.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design15_zpsewut2ubo.jpg
to finalize them I brushed a layer of Modge Podge (with glitter of course) over the tops. On a side note, I realized that I have "sparkle" Modge Podge and that an "Extreme Glitter" one exists without my knowledge. How I did know this is bizarre. It's been ordered.

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design16_zps93eogvf9.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design18_zpsmkzhyid5.jpg

Lastly, I always want whomever is opening the invite to have maximum enjoyment (while thinking, Janel is flipping NUTS) for these puppies I found a gold striped paper that I cushioned between the two invites and then wrapped each invite with a pretty bow before tucking them away in their hot pink, glitter homes. So it was like a little present to open...!

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design17_zpsexqmtwbj.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design19_zpsx7kaeh7d.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design20_zps7vorjnth.jpg

 photo Janel Holiday Interior Design21_zpsfrzoy8zr.jpg

And there you have it. Fun and festive invites for a beautiful bride-to-be....! If you make your own invites I would love to see them - please share!!

All images by janel holiday interior design - be a doll and ask permssion before using - thank you! xoxo, janel


  1. Wow! I just loved this party venue and It is looking very simple and elegant. Last month I have attended my friend’s bachelor party at party halls in Bay area and theme was very similar as your party theme. Thank you so much for sharing this blog as it reminded me of my friend’s party!

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