Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...a HOLIDAY DINNER to celebrate friendship and a birthday....!

Two years ago a few of my girlfriends got together and threw a surprise dinner party for one of our favorite guys - Christopher. I blogged about all the deets here and I'll probably repeat myself on this dinner blog so I apologize ahead of time! This year the same friends got together to celebrate Christopher's birthday once again and the holiday season.

Since we are right around Christmas I wanted my table setting to reflect all that I love about Christmas...warmth, coziness, twinkling lights, festive cheer. I began with my table party favors for people to take home with them. I took plain, terracotta small planters and painted them gold and red and planted tiny succulents in them - kicking off my red, gold, green and white color scheme. From there I built around it and did the same thing as I suggested last time: setting the table the night before, signature greeting drink(s), personalized menus and as much food prep as possible....the more time I find that I can give myself for last minute details the more relaxed I am as a hostess....!

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_4_zpsbnfirc4l.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_2_zpsysiuchel.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_A_zpsexzwgl7o.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_1_zpsbt854oyj.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_17_zps9hqvbzio.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_D_zpspfed0wsg.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_9_zpsiprl7dip.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_13_zpsrxfcqrlw.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_19_zpsbnr5jqs9.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_18_zpsckouz56b.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_20_zpsiy0j50pg.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_15_zpsdo06vkx0.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_12_zpsdozcbs5a.jpg


 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_22_zpsv6tzru13.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_3_zpsoifufjwc.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_5_zpsggbyozhy.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_6_zps9fmiywvv.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_10_zpsaxergrpc.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_7_zpsxjkpcnbm.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_C_zpsvx5rwowe.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_8_zpsma19lm0o.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_21_zpse0jkeioj.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_11_zps6is5qgxo.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Christmas_Table_24_zpsczcot3fp.jpg
me + the birthday you SO very much, Christopher!! xx

all photos by janel holiday interior design.....please credit as such if used - thank you!

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  1. Janel you are one in a million! Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and for making me feel like royalty (not that I think I'm anything but that now)! I had such a lovely evening with you, Chris, Jim, Kimberly, Brandon and Kara. Your home is already so beautiful, your seasonal spirit made for an even warmer and loving environment. I am so thankful for you and for our friendship. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year love! I love you!