Wednesday, July 31, 2013

....stalking some major PALM SPRINGS REAL ESTATE....!

One of my favorite daydream pastimes is cruising one of the the ever-so-convenient real estate sites such as Trulia, Zillow or Redfin and seeing what fabulous listings there are for Palm is basically my dream to purchase a home there and have free reign to design it however I see fit (think major hostess moments throughout....the ultimate poolside party pad).

Well, look at this little number I stumbled upon...the private home of interior designer Arthur Elrod.  He decorated it inside and out and lived there from 1962 - 1964 until the current owner (a friend of his) bought it and decided to keep it exactly as Arthur himself had designed it.

 photo le3034244-m1x_zps77e476d6.jpg

 photo le3034244-m5x_zpsbc081bdd.jpg

 photo le3034244-m0x_zps2d02ca66.jpg

Arthur lived here prior to John Lautner building what is now known as the "Elrod House" on the northern tip of Southridge.  Neighbors?  Well, for starters you have the Lautner home built for Bob Hope.  Not bad, right?

It hasn't been on the market for over 40 years and the William Hamling, the owner now, has kept it furnished the way Arthur had when he designed it for himself.

AND, it is going on the market furnished.  Look at those light fixtures....!

 photo le3034244-m3x_zpsb325ac7f.jpg

 photo le3034244-m4x_zps46d3e906.jpg

 photo le3034244-m2x_zpsd699f822.jpg

So while I was doing a bit more research I found that you can actually RENT this property through Luxury Retreats. I found all these additional photos on their site:

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-1_zps02b0b536.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-5_zpsa0c65dd9.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-6_zpsd81e46e1.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-7_zpsd41e2a84.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-3_zps0a495335.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-4_zpsb1b6f12c.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-2_zps552b66e9.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-8_zps6bf14a38.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-13_zps3a8d2dec.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-14_zps6899bbef.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-10_zpsbb0b5e53.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-11_zps99a8aaf0.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-12_zps83aa9ecc.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-15_zpsc55c841d.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-16_zpsd29f1008.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-9_zpscb137cca.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-18_zps4aef5879.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-21_zps3267925f.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-22_zps7f9352d0.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-20_zpsfbc31b03.jpg

 photo california-laspalmaselrodoasis-23_zps0112b7b6.jpg

so I can LIVE there?!  If only for a few days....

xo janel

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