Wednesday, October 26, 2011

...tempting TEAL and gorgeous GOLD...!

i am loving everything jewel toned right, saturated color that is warm and vibrant.  a longtime favorite color combo of mine being teal + gold.  it reminds me of favorite places to find this marriage of colors in nature; peacock feathers, fall sunsets, butterfly wings, precious stones and minerals, metals.....its just yummy and i thought i would share a few amazing pieces with you as well!

1. wallpaper by morris + co. through sanderson
6. diane von furstenberg cuff

8. "jane" clutch by amanda pearl
10. re-fashioned 1920's feather hair clip by the prancing fox
11. "totally en-sconced" gold drop earrings from modcloth
12. "rolf" large teal candle holder by maria lovisa dahlberg
13. fabulous painting ( um, me) by sheryl schroeder

soundtrack is a favorite album with teal and gold tones all up in that cover art - the cure's the head on the door:


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  1. Awww! I got included! YAY! I love those teal and gold water glasses (number 2)! Teal is a favorite color of mine. xoxo