Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MAD about the Mansfield Mansion....!

I stumbled across a collection of LIFE photographs showcasing the home of one of the sexiest mid century bombshells, Jayne Mansfield. She shared this Mediterranean home on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband, Mr. Universe aka Mickey Hargitay.  It was dubbed the "Pink Palace"and for good is. everywhere. Lots of shag, gold gilt, hearts and kitschy sex appeal....I can't get enough of it!

 photo 768x507xmansfieldmansion1jpgpagespeedicQvj_CARG9m_zpsb5994ad2.jpg

 photo 1265x1280xmansfield3jpegpagespeedicZPBgqCzn4R_zps984469c8.jpg

 photo 640x502xiloveyoujayne1jpgpagespeedicWxGCeVwUA1_zpsca1a0a96.jpg

 photo 1278x1280xMANSFIELDGARDENjpegpagespeedichnB7QO0ZbY_zps9226d9cf.jpg

 photo 1600x1143xmansfield8jpgpagespeedicbOJEaRiJN6_zps468b0326.jpg

 photo 1280x1262xMANSFIELDbabyroomjpegpagespeedici95DzoNGgQ_zps7402751e.jpg

 photo 1252x1280xmansfield5jpegpagespeediczB_VG_nvfZ_zps6f82e8ec.jpg

 photo 1280x1026xmansfield4jpegpagespeedicDce1qu7pZO_zps76ec97a3.jpg

 photo 1280x1276xMANSFIELDLIVINGROOMjpegpagespeedicbf1GSvgX9r_zps3f6ea2a2.jpg

 photo 1600x1143xmansfield7jpgpagespeedic07GeQutRhB_zps87465133.jpg

 photo 1280x1232xmansfield1jpegpagespeedic-VXjO0poKx_zps59752506.jpg

 photo 1251x1280xmansfield2jpegpagespeedicuwC6pMEBvm_zpsf3f5f3bf.jpg

 photo 640x377xhargitayroomjpgpagespeedicxojfw1kFAk_zps7f6f3138.jpg

 photo 640x608xmansfield6jpgpagespeedicrhBzAyj_7M_zpsa369806a.jpg

I had to throw together an inspiration board for this fluffy and beautiful shiny mess!

 photo MansfieldInspiration_zpsb1eac8cf.jpg
1. 1950's Italian brass and milkglass chandelier
2. The Serpentine Sofa by Valdimir Kagan
3. 1940's French gilt iron chairs
4. pastel pink flokati area rug
5. 24K gold leaf mosaic tiles by Bisazza
6. gold leafy French metal sconces
7. Gucci gold lame kimono style gown
9. hammered metal heart shaped sink
10. carved Prince of Wales feathers headboard with a mirrored background

A few of my favorite shots of the late beauty are those on another favorite mid century beauty - the Lambretta!

 photo large_zpsc069c8de.jpg

 photo Jayne-Mansfield1_zps84f662e2.jpg

 photo lambrettacartolina_zps74fcf0e7.jpg

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