Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Could Have a SWINGIN' Time!

Design Sponge does a great feature called "Living In" where they take a movie and show stills with design objects inspired by the movie.  Recently they did one on my favorite movies of all time (no, not "Pillow Talk"...I don't think they have done that one yet), "The Parent Trap" – the original one from 1961 starring Haley Mills of course.  I am straight out saying I'm copying this feature here because I was so disappointed that they didn't cover the California home that Susan grew up in with her dashing dad, "Mitch". This may easily be the first interior I can remember falling head over heels in love with.  From the floating desk on chain in Susan's bedroom, to the princess phone “Susan” (Sharon) would chat away on with her twin, “Sharon” (Susan) in Boston, to the curved countertop in the Master Bathroom to the courtyard with the infamous stage where the girls sang “Lets Get Together”...I remember being this bright-eyed girl soaking it all in....even at that young age I remember understanding the Spanish influence (hello, Santa Barbara local) in the architecture and interior made so much sense.  The indoor/outdoor living seemed so exciting….like you were living in Summer-time all year long. 

Welcome to Golden Oak Ranch, where Mitch (Brian Keith) and his daughter Susan lived in the Carmel Valley:

This was actually some land owned by Disney south of Carmel on Placerita Canyon Road. They built a shell of a house on the property with nothing but exterior walls and a roof. The interiors were all created on a soundstage.
Grand Room, Courtyard and Living Room:

the steel wall sculpture here slays me.

spanish + stone...swoon.

gigantic fireplace with HUGE lamp on the left....low

curved white sofa, yes please!  there is that steel sculpture again....

the Courtyard where they performed for their separated parents.


oh, Mitch...



Master Bathroom:

Susan's Bedroom:

i wanted this desk floating on chain more than anything.

my inspiration:
1. 1800's italian iron gate headboard  2. 1960s italian glass bottle vase   3. yellow and white outdoor umbrella  4. vintage milkglass cased pendant from circa 1910  5. talavera painted tiles  6. 19th century spanish tile top table  7. vintage princess phone  8. edward wormley for dunbar curved white sofa  9. pipa cocktail table  10. vintage alexander girard silk fabric - collection of sfmoma  11. 1950s barstools by Arthur Umanoff for Raymor  12. 1960s ceramic lamps  13. 1960s italian aqua glass bottles

I took a lot of information, wordage and ALL the still images from this website.

Soundtrack today is: Lets Get Together by Sharon and Susan:


  1. i love it i love it i love it!!
    the parent trap has always been my very favorite movie... i can't even count the number of times i've seen it. seriously.
    i can quote almost every line.

    this post is RAD.
    such a feast for the eyes!!

    ... swooning!

    (idea: you + me + cozies + cocoa + bed {don't get any wise ideas, readers, we're bffs} + parent trap = heaven. dontcha think?)

  2. I think your so called wall sculpture is actually a stained glass panel set into the wall. It hard to tell in the stills, but isn't it visible on both side of that wall?

  3. @frink5000 - yes i think you're right - it looks very Paul Evans inspired tho', no?! It is also in the still of the Master Bathroom....mutli-purpose stage props in 1961!

    thanks for checking out my blog!