Saturday, July 17, 2010

I found my SHANGRI-LA and it's in santa barbara...

You know how you have certain special people in your life that really shape the person you are and influence you – whether subtle or super obvious?  Well, my lady friend Dawn is one of those VERY special people who heavily influenced not only how I looked at my surroundings but also taught me a lot about being a hostess and creating special environments. I worked for her for about a year in Santa Barbara at her downtown swanky, retro-lovin’ beer + wine bar, “The Firebird” (ugh.  still so sad that bar isn't there anymore).  Prior to a work relationship we were friends – sharing opinions on fashion, wines, music, how to do things RIGHT in the service industry and most of all….design.  She is pretty much the woman who showed me how a collection of kick-knacks, stemware, etc., can define a space (hello, poodles and ceramic ashtrays?!).  Her design sense has always been so mid-century eclectic, with surprises around every corner and on every shelf.  One thing that I really noticed when my husband and I stayed at her place – termed “Westside Shangri-La” from here on out – is how her design is EFFORTLESS. It all comes together in a huge circle.  Pieces become part of her family of awesomeness.  I hope you get a sense of how amazing her space is from these photos.  These areas are available for photo and video shoots.  You can contact me if interested.

When you are in Dawn’s World you want to pop open a bottle of champagne and never leave...

sasha brastoff ashtrays - yes, please.

Lu Lu loves the Westside Shangri-La too!

yes, that is pink carpet with gold walls.

outside comes in


a favorite shot....its like hawaii

.....until next time....

For a piece of Dawn’s World you can visit her bar “The Mercury Lounge” in Goleta, CA.  They have wonderful bartenders, a killer beer and wine list and some of the best musical artists to roll through the Central Coast:

the best small bar ever.

filled with one-of-a-kind matchbooks made by the bartenders

Soundtrack - KCSB, but of course:


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  1. Heaven on mountain, what a tremendous spot. Oh the 805 I love you so.