Thursday, July 29, 2010

loving GREAT JONES HOME in Seattle...!

take a look at how cute this store is!  Great Jones Home in seattle, washington, is an independently owned, fabulously curated, home/interior boutique that features new and vintage case goods and lighting as well as fabrics, wallpapers, ready-to-throw on your sofa pillows and tons of fabulous kitchen items from bowls to glasses to plates!

They also carry Dyptique candles, stationary and MOR body products amongst many, many other great products.   I love their idea behind providing a walk-through living environment that not only helps people visualize a piece(s) living in its actual space, but also inspires one to think beyond a particular piece and into its surroundings:

put those lucite stools in my mitts right this instant. and the lamps. and that mirror.  shoot.  just give me the whole room, okay?!

kelly w. wallpaper - ! cute!

my sissy would love that elephant side table...!

i love the curved back lounge chairs upholstered in the sunny yellow and white ikat silk

if you FORCE me to take that bench with the zebra print, then i will...

teal tufts anyone?  okay!

love this cabinet to house all your pretty things to gaze upon during a champagne brunch....

painted brick = always a fav

for amy - xoxo

mismatched pair of lamps, great area rug......yummy...

this could be my dressing room!  just change out the wall of pillows for a wall of shoes, center and enlarge the chandelier - done!

fantastic oversized mirror over an airy piece of furniture - love the juxtaposition, don't love using the word "juxtaposition".

All photos were taken by Great Jones Home on July 29, 2010.  Inquiry by emailing them from their website hosting page for anything you may like in one or ALL of the photos!

Soundtack for this visual feast:      Kitty, Daisy & Lewis


  1. girl, give it to me-I love that the 206 produced such lush-makes me want to book that virgin airlane tix for thanksgiving and inspire for my 2011 decor ala holiday huff!

  2. love!! such a feast for the eyes.
    sb could use such a rad, independently owned shop.

    just sayin'.

    ps: xoxo

  3. OMG so cute! I want those teal poufs so bad it hurts. xx