Saturday, December 6, 2014

SF Mission Apartment by JHID....before, during and AFTER....!

I just recently finished a project in the Mission District of San Francisco that I thought I would share not only the AFTER photos of as I typically do, but the before and during photos as well. Too often the interior design world is looked over as purely "decorative"....a lot of people don't understand the process to lay the foundation down in order to create that finished look. For example a client may want wallpaper which sounds simple enough, right? Source it, purchase, slap it up...not always the case. In fact that is rarely the case if it is done correctly. Many times walls need a lot of repair to the surface in order to smooth them out to take the wallpaper.

And that is just a drop in the bucket of preparing a blank canvas for a decorative remodel. Lighting locations, outlets (both new and updating old), cables, cracks in walls, shifting walls, alarm systems, heaters, windows, wood rot...the list goes on....

So I thought for this post I would share a few BEFORE photos and DURING photos of the process....

The apartment was painted in very primary colors - bright yellows, wall a contrast color, etc. My client works crazy hours and needed a quiet, cozy, calm, sexy space and I immediately began thinking of tailored men's looks....soft grays, blacks for contrast, metal tones for lighting, consistency and warm wood tones were all in the initial concept when we kicked off our decorative remodel.

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_Before_Entry_zps84c53d84.jpg
Entry Hall BEFORE

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_Before_Hallway_zps89adb342.jpg

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_Before_LR2_zps52e353dc.jpg
Living Room BEFORE

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_Before_LR3_zpsa5373d5f.jpg
Living Room BEFORE

And so began the remodel of the biggest changes was investing in a quality paint job and sanding/taking off layers of paint from years and years....that really made a huge difference as well as supplied us with a clean palette to build upon.

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_DURING_Hall_zps7c78b2c8.jpg

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_DURING_LR_Wall_zps557b5dbb.jpg

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_DURING_Entry_zps9d601048.jpg

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_DURING_LR2_zps6496fa79.jpg

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_DURING_LR_zpsfa277727.jpg

 photo JHID_Mission_Apt_DURING_Kitchen_zpse3dcce81.jpg


 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_10_zpscb598555.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_1_zpsde04d94c.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_2_zps3d706f61.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_3_zpsd7c9da4f.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_4_zpsb14ff44e.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_6_zps20d18860.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_8_zps763a0945.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_7_zpsf5999074.jpg

 photo Janel_Holiday_Interior_Design_9_zps19149c67.jpg

all BEFORE and DURING photos by janel holiday interior design.....all AFTER photos by the talented Michele Lee Willson.



  1. jaw dropping!! looks so good!! so rad how you can take one thing and turn it around to another so beautifully... it looks so good!! and i love the before/after visuals and hearing about the process, too... xx

  2. Amazing interior job. Gorgeous mix of luxurious materials, pattern, and deep greys. Could I ask who is the mid-century designer of the dining chairs? They look like rosewood. So beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Anne!

      Sorry for the tardy reply here....the dining chairs can be found here:

      thanks so much!