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....OLD VINE heaven for mother's day weekend....!

My mom is one special lady.  Often when I fantasize about winning the lottery the VERY first thought that comes to my mind of what I would do.....well, that is easy.  I would buy my sweet momma a single level beautiful ranch home in Santa Ynez with gardens for days, horses, a painting studio, a potter's wheel and kiln, gym, wine cellar, a housekeeper at her service...without a hesitation that is the first thing that comes to mind.  I seriously day dream about all the different ways and things I could do and provide for my mom to give her all these simple and creative outlets she day. Right?  In the meantime, I do what I can and seek out fun things for her and I to do together that are meaningful to both of us, create memories, are educational and inspirational - you get the drift, yes?!

So when Turley Wine Cellars sent me an email months ago about the "Historical Vineyard Society's 3rd Annual Vineyard Tour and Dinner" - I was pumped.  Perfect.  My mom, wine, girl's weekend, Mother's Day Weekend...score! And she was IN.  Did you think she wouldn't be?!

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived to Seghesio Family Winery in Healdsburg, CA, for the tour. There were three air conditioned vans and we were separated quickly into groups.....shuttled onto said vans and off we went to start the tour which would tour four vineyards that farmed and kept "historical vines" - in short = gnarly, old Zinfandel (for the most part of this particular tour) vines that are still producing fruit (and, hence,

Our first stop was at Henderlong Ranch - Nalle Winery:

 photo IMG_9118_zps52c8a39d.jpg

 photo IMG_9119_zps62f0c93c.jpg

 photo IMG_9120_zpsf9f8dada.jpg

Planted in 1927 and to this day is dry-farmed.  I could get into the nitty-gritty of what this all means, but you would be better off visiting this dude's blog - Richard Jennings - he was on our tour and is a wine wizard.

 photo IMG_9122_zpsfea9732a.jpg

 photo IMG_9123_zpsc6138deb.jpg

 photo IMG_9124_zps15e41def.jpg

 photo IMG_9125_zpsd50399f0.jpg

 photo IMG_9126_zpsfcb48b90.jpg

 photo IMG_9130_zps2eefcdc6.jpg

 photo IMG_9131_zps33c0b4bf.jpg
momma taking a little sniff of grape fruit blossoms 

 photo IMG_9132_zps75d55cbb.jpg
the adorable Doug and Lee Nalle

Next stop was Whitton Ranch Old Patch - Ridge Vineyards:

These vines were planted in the 1880's......?!  Majority Zin (60%), with Carignane (25%) and lesser amounts of Alicante Bouschet, Petite Sirah, Mataro, Syrah, Grenache, Palmino and others.

 photo IMG_9134_zpsb1352331.jpg

 photo IMG_9137_zps9946a2f5.jpg

 photo IMG_9141_zps750f77cd.jpg

 photo IMG_9142_zps7155c833.jpg

 photo IMG_9143_zpse1816e02.jpg

 photo IMG_9144_zpsaf38df5e.jpg
a big juicy old, Sryah (I think....?!)

 photo IMG_9146_zps10016c14.jpg

 photo IMG_9147_zps2763ed0e.jpg

 photo IMG_9149_zps8488e5a3.jpg

And then came a fav for me, Turley Wine Cellars "101 Vineyard" - aptly named for it's stone's throw location from highway 101.  It was teense and precious and just hearing Tegan speak about the age and spiritual memory of the vines was enough for my mom to want to run up and hug the guy.  But Tegan hit the nail on its head with connecting emotion to the vine and grape and how one might relate to it....more to come on that later...

 photo IMG_9150_zps02583cd9.jpg

 photo IMG_9152_zps0c5907ce.jpg

 photo IMG_9154_zpsfc2d8507.jpg

 photo IMG_9157_zps022b8cbd.jpg
everyone has their own way of doing things......Tegan said they like their leaves to have a "doppler" effect on the that a small bird can come in (like a nest), do a little swirl and fly out.  See?  Wine tugs at your heart strings.

 photo IMG_9159_zpscf3d49f7.jpg

 photo IMG_9163_zps61968342.jpg

 photo IMG_9167_zps94bb08ce.jpg

 photo IMG_9168_zps466d5031.jpg

 photo IMG_9174_zps34bc225f.jpg

 photo IMG_9175_zps93867e5c.jpg

 photo IMG_9178_zps9f291040.jpg

 photo IMG_9180_zpsefffad9b.jpg

Our last stop was at Chianti Station - Seghesio Family Winery where we ventured away from Zinfandels and laid our eyes on beautiful field blends of Sangiovese, Canaiolo Nero, Malvasia and Trebbiano.  Ned Neumiller (5th generation winemaker spoke eloquently to the nature of the workers who harvest and tend these grapes and I was very happy to hear about how they hire their workers and not only provide for them with above regulated wages, but also provide housing, safety training, etc.  The path of the grape is one that travels through many hands and when those hands are treated with respect and care, such is the grape.  In my opinion.

 photo IMG_9182_zpsadc0bea5.jpg

 photo IMG_9185_zps185ee59f.jpg

 photo IMG_9184_zps41768ebd.jpg

 photo IMG_9192_zps82f5462b.jpg

We ended our tour back at Seghesio for a sit down, insanely YUMMY dinner and were finally able to taste all these delicious wines we looked and learned about throughout the tour.  They did a fantastic job with dinner and we had an amazing time at our table meeting and talking to new friends.

 photo IMG_9193_zpse05fec8f.jpg

 photo IMG_9197_zpscf67c257.jpg

 photo IMG_9196_zps16ef42bb.jpg

 photo IMG_9200_zpsaf85da8b.jpg

 photo IMG_9202_zps39b5e060.jpg

 photo IMG_9203_zpsc76444af.jpg

 photo IMG_9205_zpsc1daea48.jpg

 photo IMG_9206_zps50acccf3.jpg

and for the record I was NOT the last one at the table:

 photo IMG_9215_zps1029b520.jpg

I had such a special time with my mom....I feel so lucky to share this passion of wine tasting with her.  I have had an interest in wine since my early days in the restaurant industry.  I wasn't born with an extraordinary palette - it is something I am constantly trying to educate and train.  There are many parallels to wine and design as I am coming to find out during some of my reflective moments during adventures and tastings like these.  Both are subjective to the user...there are highs and lows - both in price and quality.  There are bargains.  There are limited editions.  Some carry a memory and history that can't be replicated.  Both have a beginning, a peak, and a decline.....steady at times, but a decline. Neither is eternal.  They both give pleasure, a sense of satisfaction, elated happiness....heck, sometimes regret, right?!

I never want to stop learning....never want to stop being inspired.....thanks to weekends like these, it's impossible!

Wines from the weekend that you need to run out and buy:

Bedrock Vineyards
Ridge Vineyards
Turley Wine Cellars
Henderlong Ranch - Nalle Winery

all images by janel holiday interior design 

Soundtrack is my one of my fav Dean Martin's songs....cheers!

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