Friday, October 22, 2010


i have been pumped about tonight....since monday morning.  not kidding.  i get to do whatever i want since my husband has his own agenda - hint: a vintage car thing.  key letters = bmw.

its a rainy, chilly, san francisco evening and i'm going to stay in:

1. i am super into syrahs right now....when i was in SB last time I went to Kunin Wines and I had their 2006 100% Alisos grapes Syrah and it was divine...I highly recommend a pit stop at their tasting room next time you are in the area! 2. nothing brings it home like my little snuggly piggy 4 1/2 pound chihuahua...."Lu Lu".....a beloved pet really is the best de-stresser...even more so than #1 on my list tonight.  Adopt a pup and change your life! 3.  Caught up on my DVR'ed PR....oh, Project fickle b**ch. I thought i would have to break up with Season 8, but then Mondo Guerra happened.....sigh.  I want to wear and own every single piece he has made for PR8...even if i would look like a Willy Wonka Candy Bar in his floor length polka dot "evening gown"...i don't care.  Give it to me.  His amazing strength and powerful message he sent mid-season is inspiring and I hope he wins. Go, DCD!! 4. Got cozy with a vintage Pendleton blanket and you can too! 5. I'm going to continue reading David Eggers's book, "Zeitoun" when I hit the hay tonight....just check out the review for the deets..........6.  I love a good slipper or cozy sock when i lounge around the casa....these days these cheapie Paul Franks are my new besties that i scoot around in! 7.....tuberose = heaven on earth....diptyque "tubereuse" candles are heaven times 1,000....YUM YUM YUM!!

Soundtrack for this evening:

Abel Korzeniowski's score for "A Single Man" is insane.

and if I can stay awake long enough to hear my man moonlight on KCSB's Face the Music:


  1. Awww, Janel, sounds great! There is nothing like a night IN with yourself surrounded by your favorite comforting things. Too bad I couldn't have been there, we could have had a slumber party. Miss you, dear girl.

  2. i broke up with PR a season or two ago... i just couldn't do it.
    but i got sucked back in a couple eps ago by mondo!!
    i've only seen a few episodes of the season but he's a DEAR.

    and so are you.